A Beauty in All Its Colours

Bo-Kaap is a Cape Town neighbourhood filled with history, going back to the time slaves arrived from the East Indies, but I must admit I came for the colourful houses and the cobblestoned, narrow, steep streets that run in-between the vibrant homes. And it’s not just me who’s taken by the beauty, as outsiders come into the area buying property,  and thereby gentrification is in the works. Unfortunately I get it, who wouldn’t wanna live here, but sadly with that the characteristics will fade out. If you want more insight into the bygone era, you can stop by the Bo-Kaap Museum (iziko.org.za/museums/bo-kaap-museum). Just know it’s very small, so there wasn’t much in there, but I liked the film room where you can hear stories told by the early residents about the old days.

Website: bokaap.co.za

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