Sleeping at an Italian Restaurant

When researching for a place to stay in Livingstone, I came across Olga’s The Italian Corner. An Italian restaurant that added 9 hotel rooms to its property back in 2012. And with the purpose of Olga’s project, I could not not stay here. You see, all the profits from the company goes towards helping the vulnerable youth of Livingstone through an educational project. Some of them are working here too. Who can say no to that?!?!? When you also get a great room to relax in after eventful days out, with a big, nice breakfast included, I’m sold. Even though Olga’s is a bit away from the busiest part of the main street, maybe a 10 minute walk or so, there is a small shopping centre with a supermarket and other shops across the road, and a lot of other activities around – which is the downside to this place. You need to bring earplugs, unless you can sleep through lightning and thunder… In the mornings you are woken by either the bells of the church next door ringing, or by what sounded like school kids playing. In the afternoon people are practicing their instruments, and in the evening and late into the night people are partying at a place nearby. Also, the train station is close by, I realised, as the train went by very close with whistles and all 😀 Just remember the train doesn’t arrive/leave every day 😉


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