Victoria Falls the Village

So this is the place I decided not to stay during my Victoria Falls visit, and after stopping by for a few minutes, I’m glad I didn’t. This is very different from Livingstone, in Zambia. Like two different planets. Victoria Falls is definitely built to cater to tourists. The first word that comes to mind is clean. Kind of reminds me of Main Street USA in Disney’s Magic Kingdom 😀 Don’t know why that popped into my head 🙂 It’s pretty. Very quiet. It all felt like something you’re visiting, not a place you’re living. Looked to be filled with restaurants and souvenir shops, mind you quality souvenirs. I know I just walked through the village, but, yes, still sticking to my choice! Viva la Livingstone!

Getting here from Livingstone in Zambia took a lot more time than any of us tourists crossing the border had imagined. After being dropped off (me by a taxi) at the Zambian border post, and going through the emigration process, you have to walk to the Victoria Falls Bridge (650 m), cross it (70 m), and then walk for 1.2 km until you get to the Zimbabwean border post. Here you have to line up twice to get your visa. This takes a while, so be sure to calculate that into time this day trip will take. After visa is in place, there is another 1 km to walk to the village. And then you have to do it all over again. First time I’ve walked across a border, and I need not do it again. At this point I have only one thing to say, my feet hurt!! The mother of all blisters, and her sisters. In hindsight a taxi from the bridge to the Zim border post would have been a good idea. And maybe not do the Victoria Falls site (2.5 km round trip) and a lookout cafe detour into the bush on the same day. Close to 8.5 km in total feels like a bad idea right now!

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