The Lookout Cafe

This place just outside Victoria Falls I didn’t know about, but my newfound friend, who I met at the falls, had read about it on a travel blog. As the name says, this cafe/restaurant is on the edge of the cliff, staring into the gorge. Walking in we realised this was a very good choice, until we were asked if we had made reservations… Apparently walk-ins are not the best idea 🙂 When we decided on having something to drink only, they were very accommodating and offered to put two chairs outside in the shadow of some trees. A nice touch! Even though the best views – really nice views – are from inside the restaurant as you get much higher, the outside area is also nice, for enjoying slurpees too 😀 – we had no idea what we were getting 🙂 If chillaxing is too boring for you, you can always go do the Gorge Swing.

The Lookout Cafe is a bit off the main road, out in the bush. I’d say it’s a 500 m long walk. Just follow the signs.


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