Old Lima

The main square is usually a good starting point for exploring a city. Same goes for old Lima. Bordered by the presidential palace, the cathedral, the archbishop’s palace, and the municipal building, it is a really nice plaza. Just love the yellow! After leaving Plaza Mayor, I for some reason had a hard time finding my way, crisscrossing the many narrow streets, but in the end making my way down to the old town’s other grand square, Plaza San Martin, which, by the way, has nothing on the former. After rummaging around the area I found Plaza Mayor to be the best about the old part of Lima, as the neighborhood appeared to be rundown, and more a centre for Lima citizens’ daily life, which can be very charming, just not this time around.

Presidential palace

Archbishop’s Palace



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    • The main square is the best. The rest not so impressive. I visited in June/July. It’s their winter, but I had a great time. Lots of travellers throughout Peru though.

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