Cusco: Forget About It…

When reading about Cusco during my trip planning, I didn’t find it too interesting. But since people seemed to be raving about it, I thought I had to at least stop by when I was in the neighbourhood. Maybe I was wrong in my assumption. I wasn’t… Could be getting here after visiting Machu Picchu and staying in Ollantaytambo, was giving it a negative spin. It has one thing going for it though, a beautiful Plaza de Armas, with a couple of magnificent looking churches and some Spanish influenced houses. Still my best memory of Cusco is hanging out with an English lady I met in Arequipa at my hostel. Turned out she was by herself in Cusco while her husband was trekking to Machu Picchu, so we got in contact and spent the day walking around town, shopping and eating. Excellent company! But before we could meet up, we had to wait for the demonstration to pass, I think it was transportation workers voicing their opinions, and lots of them. My friend’s hotel didn’t want their guests to walk outside while it was going on. They even covered their windows, so nothing would get broken. My hostel told me I’d be fine outside – just don’t get involved! No chance of that happening 🙂

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Note: Photos are by Martin St-Amant (#1) and me (#2).



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    • In my opinion you didn’t, unless you’re using it as a base for exploring Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, which both you guys and I did perfectly fine without staying in Cusco.

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