Cruisin’ with Cruz del Sur

Going from Arequipa to Puno I decided to jump on the bus. Very cheap, and with a 6 1/2 hours opportunity to see the Peruvian countryside. I know it sounds like a long haul, but time actually flew by. Of course choosing to travel in Cruz del Sur’s ( business class seat was a contributing factor to this. It’s basically like travelling business class on an airplane, just on the first floor of a double-decker bus. You get a 160 degrees reclining seat with a footrest, pillow and blanket, food and drinks, and a hostess making sure you’re ok. When you book online you’re also able to choose which seat you want. On one side of the aisle there are single seats, and on the other side there are two seats in a row. Travelling solo, it was nice to have a “row” to myself. Sitting comfortably and with toilet onboard, there is really no reason to include a stop, but it was still nice to be able to get out and stretch my legs on the one stop we did have. Even though the ticket was booked online I had to go to the office in Arequipa to get my ticket. Not easy to find, away from the main square. Can be you can pick up the ticket at the bus station from which the bus departs, where you’re checked in and have a waiting area to sit in while you wait to board. Just remember to pay the departure tax before you head for check-in desk!

Note: Photo is from bus company’s website.




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    • It’s not often I’ve come about these kinds of seats, but it looked like the long distance buses in South Africa have something similar. However I didn’t check it out as 12+ hour bus ride I didn’t feel like 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness, this looks sooo comfortable! I’m not surprised the time flew by although with a seat that comfortable I might have missed out on the beautiful countryside because I’d have been snoozing! Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  2. Had a similar experience on a ‘business class’ double decker between Kuala Lumpur & Singapore (about five hours) – they also had in-seat entertainment with a choice of feature films – English as well as Malaysian / Singapore. When I worked out the time involved from the KL hotel to our Singapore hotel the bus was quicker than flying. :-o) and a lot cheaper! (about $30 Australian dollar or $21 USD)

    • I bet! With all the time that goes into pre-flight stuff, it is definitely worth checking out bus and train options. Not to mention the price. I think I paid something like that, maybe even less. Good to know that’s a great option in Malaysia/Singapore. Thanks!

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