Puno: Small and Quiet

My reason for coming to Puno were Lake Titicaca and the Uro islands. Therefore I had put aside half a day only to explore the town itself. Even though there’s a decent number of people living here, it is a small, quiet town centred around a square, with a main street with shops, restaurants and the likes heading north a few blocks. I was there on a weekend, so maybe it’s busier during the week, but for some reason I don’t think so. Not having any particular plans in mind, I asked the hotel for a place to get a great view of the lake, and I was recommended to head for the arch that can be spotted on a hill a short walk from the main square. Turned out there was a basketball tournament in play there, with kids and their families having a good time. So in addition to finding a great viewpoint, I got to hang out with the locals too. Perfect fun!

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Website: munipuno.gob.pe

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  1. The slideshow looks fabulous in your article, it is very eye catching. Hanging about with the locals is always fun and usually the best way to get a feel for the town. #FarawayFiles

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