Bartolome Island, Galapagos

My first day trip in the Galapagos Islands was to Bartolome Island. A 2 1/2 hour boat ride from Santa Cruz Island. The yacht we were on was not of the biggest ones, and had a quite distinctive “boat smell”, so I quickly realised I was gonna get in trouble… eventually – namely seasick! Luckily I made it home in one, fragile piece. After boarding the yacht at Itabaca Channel, where there was a sea lion acting like a dog, begging for food outside the small kiosk on the dock, you get served breakfast on board, during the crossing. Nothing memorable. Basic. Lunch the same. At Bartolome Island we first headed up the trail made out of wooden staircases to the top of the extinct volcano – splendid view from the platforms! Afterwards we were dropped off at one of the halfmoon-shaped beaches, for a break in the sun and testing the waters. Not very warm 🙁 After all it was winter time. You could also head out with a guide for some snorkelling, and hopefully spot the Galapagos penguins known to like hanging out around Pinnacle Rock, the big, hard to miss lava formation that the island is recognised by. Since the waters were a bit too cold for my taste, I define it freezing, I decided not to go. But when they discovered the little penguin on the other side of Pinnacle Rock, the crew brought the non-aquatic of us out in a dinghy, so that we could see it too. The cutest little thing! Or you could stay at the beach and be chased down the sand by a sea lion, like one guy did, before it turned its back on us and went to sleep below a rock ledge 🙂

I went with a tour company named Santa Fe (, which was run by the same people that owned the hostel I stayed at, meaning I was the first on the bus going around town picking up the others and taking us to the dock.

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  1. A penguin! How cute. A trip to the Galapagos is definitely a bucket list thing for me, but perhaps quite literally bucket with the sea sickness 🙁 Glad you survived in one piece!

  2. That crab is so colourful. Glad you got to see the penguin after all. I would love to go to the Galapagos one day. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  3. I’d love to visit the Galápagos Islands one day too but as I get seasick very easily I’m not sure I’d have the best time either! #farawayfiles

  4. So, so pretty! I want to visit the islands one day. I want to do it independently. A lot of people I know have done it that way and have had a great time.

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