Charles Darwin Research Station

In Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island you’ll find the Charles Darwin Research Station, a namesake of the man the Galapagos Islands very often is associated with. And being at this spot on the globe, I had to stop by. Not being a hardcore and well-read Darwinist I don’t know what I expected, but I had hoped for more than what I got. The research station turned out to be a very quiet place. There was no staff to see around, and the educational buildings showed no activity. You were left to yourself to read the information panels. I’d prefer there had been someone to tell you more about the work and the history. Further inside the research station area there are pathways taking you around to several enclosures with turtles and tortoises. As people they come in different sizes, and some were marked for research purposes, I assume. Turned out the most famous of them all, 102 year old Lonesome George, had passed away. But there were other to entertain you. Some came “running” down towards you as you approached the enclosure, in hopes of getting some food I guess. Others were more concerned about the other basic need of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I heard some unknown sounds, turned around, and someone was apparently getting it on 😀 Good to know reproduction is taken care of 🙂 Apart from these reptiles, there were birds flying around, and a small kiosk and area where you can get some refreshments and take a load off. Turtles/tortoises were ok, but wasn’t too impressed overall.



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