VIP Lounge Pau Canudas

Since the buses from Andorra don’t depart too often, I found myself at Barcelona Airport with 4 hours to kill. Deciding that going into Barcelona would just be a hassle time wise, I decided to pay for access to the airport lounge as I didn’t want to spend several hours on the airport chairs. Leaving from terminal 2, quite the boring terminal, there is not much to do either. With this in mind I reckoned spending 25.50 euros for 3 hours of lounge time would be worth it. Well, I guess all I can say is that if you’re willing to pay 25.50 euros to sit comfortably, then go for it. Because the rest is really bad! The lounge is run down, the sofas are stained, a lot, and the food selection is poor. Myself and other guests had to ask the staff to come clean the tables, that were overflowing with other guests’ leftovers and dirty dishes. Definitely don’t expect any kind of luxury! Worth mentioning though, that I was willing to pay to sit comfortably.


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