Little Ordino

When I wanted to venture out into the countryside of Andorra, I thought Ordino looked like the most charming village of them all. And when I asked the receptionist at my hotel how to get there, she solidified my choice by saying it is such a beautiful place. Not being very big, the village can be done in a heartbeat, but you should definitely take time to turn off the main street into the narrow alleys as you’ll do a few nice discoveries. As everywhere else in Andorra, the buildings are mainly made of stone, which adds to the charm. Something else that I now have realised adds to the attraction of a place is people. Ordino was so quiet, literally just me and a couple of more walking the streets. I know I’ve said that I always prefer quiet to masses, but this time I actually think a few more people would have been a good thing. It was so empty. Upon arrival I headed for the tourist information as I had no idea where to go. I got a map of the village, where the tourist route had been marked. A nice route to follow, or otherwise you’ll be done in five.

I went to Ordino on the local bus. A minibus. 15-20 minutes and 1.80 euros one way. There’s a bus stop right next to the decent sized Mango outlet, but there are several stops throughout town, like there are in Ordino. The bus route is L6. I almost learned the hard way that the time tables at the stops are not to be trusted. When leaving Ordino the bus came 15 minutes early. Luckily I didn’t have anywhere else to go, so I stayed put when I arrived 20 minutes ahead of departure time.

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  1. I love the slide show – moving pictures are so engaging. Ordino looks a lovely little town to visit. Annette #FarawayFiles

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