Yet Another Good One!

With me and restaurants it is either hit or miss 🙂 In Ordino there weren’t many to choose from, so picked the one of the two opened with most guests. Good choice! El Raco Burgues is at the end of the main street, and when you enter it looks both nice and a bit off. Kind of a mash up of styles, like they didn’t know which way to go. But the food is no laughing matter. Everything they brought out for the guests looked good, smelled good, and looked homemade, not much prefabricated. Not being too hungry I decided to go for a couple of the small dishes on the menu, spicy potatoes and beef empanadas – nice and spicy! Once again the dishes were not brought out at the same time. Is it an Andorran thing? A tapas thing? Just not getting used to it. And not liking it.

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0 thoughts on “Yet Another Good One!

  1. Food doesn’t always come out at the same time in New Zealand restaurants either. I can understand this for tapas that is shared but I still don’t get it for dinner meals ordered by separate people at the same table.

  2. AH man I love your list of travels. I wish years ago at the time of most of my travels I would have known to record my food experiences for what I try to do now. Oh well 🙂 I can also relate with restaurants being a hit or miss. Glad you made the most of it and thanks for sharing.

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