Eating Like the Locals

Don Denis in Andorra la Vella came recommended by the guy working the reception when I checked in at my hotel. When I asked for a place to eat, he came up with two suggestions, telling me one was a tourist place and the other was on a street where “we go to eat”. Not being too keen on a tourist trap, I of course decided dinner would be had at the latter place. On a somewhat quiet side street off the city thoroughfare, I assume not many outsiders head up there. But considering the wall of fame, it’s not just locals who frequent. If Diego Maradona was there, or if it was a signed photo from somewhere else, I have no idea. Mostly sports personalities it looked like. Maybe not my favourite feature of the place, but it goes well with the rest of the interior, which I loved. Packed, but still very cool. With plenty of hams hanging down from the ceiling πŸ™‚ On the downside it took a while to get menu. In the end I had to ask for one. After I had ordered – I went for tapas, but they have a lot of different items on the menu – the food came separately, meaning the first dish got more or less cold before the last dish came out, which I also had to ask for. But when the homemade meatballs finally were brought out, I forgot all about it. They were delicious!!! Wow!! After filling up to the rim, only half of what I was served, and consequently declining dessert, the waiter placed cookies and chocolates in front of me and started to open a bottle of wine. He looked quite disappointed when I told him I don’t drink wine. Or maybe just shocked πŸ™‚ All comped, including olives to set off the meal. They might not be the best at customer service, but food is great!


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  1. Everything looks delicious. I tend to follow locals recommendations. They are the real deal. Like you mentioned, service may not be great at places like this but you feel like kissing the staff when you try the food.

  2. Found in all my travels it pays to ask locals where they would go to eat. Usually great food, no tourists and inexpensive. It pays to eat like a local.

    • Finding good places to eat has always been my problem. I am not good at planning when and where to eat πŸ™‚ Have tried Tripadvisor, but 50/50. These days I usually ask the hotel, but sometimes they don’t come up with anything. A couple of times I have walked into shops and asked. In Venice great, in Wellington not so great πŸ™‚

    • πŸ˜€ No, I don’t think it tastes any good. I just taste the alcohol. Can do a cocktail now and again, but that’s it. I rarely drink alcohol, so I might as well not drink at all.

    • Yes, but I’d go back. Was actually considering it the other day. Wanted those meatballs πŸ™‚ But thought I’d give another place a chance, which ended up with some not so good udon noodles.

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