Perfectly in the Middle

If you’re off to Andorra la Vella I highly recommend you use the link below and book a stay with Hesperia. Not just is it cheaper to book through their own website, compared to and the likes, but you’ll get a great hotel smack in the middle of it all, simply on the city’s thoroughfare. I know the principality capital isn’t big, but it is still very nice to have a short walk to everything. It is a 4 star hotel – I’ve just come to realise I appreciate this standard more than I thought I did 😉 – with a nice room and a great balcony, actually quite big, with swell views. Being on the 4th floor I didn’t find the traffic noise disturbing, even though cars pass by down below. If this isn’t enough to sway you, add impeccable customer service. When I realising while clicking buy on their website that I had chosen the wrong dates, and immediately called them and explained my mistake, they changed my booking, free of charge, even though it was an online deal that could not be amended. I like!


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  1. Oh wow Andorra! Yes its a tiny landlocked country, well sort of dual ruled one…but nonetheless its not a place that is even on most folks’ radar!

    • No, most people have wondered a bit when I’ve told them where I was off to. Some are kind of used to it by now, that I’m off to some off countries and parts of the world 😀

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