Hilly Quito

The very best thing about Quito is the hills! When you arrive from the airport after dark, and you see all the lights from the houses up in the hillsides twinkle. All around you. Like being inside a cave with glowworms, I imagine, haven’t done that yet πŸ™‚ You feel excited about choosing to go here, even though some say it’s a dangerous place to be, and you haven’t heard much about it. All the hilly streets make for a perfect gluteus maximus work-out :), and add a very charming feature to the old town. And it is the old town I enjoyed the most. Just walking around taking in the beautiful architecture and the lively street life. I did head into the new part of town, to go to the National Museum of Ecuador/Central Bank Museum, which was not too impressive, on a very crammed bus, first time I have felt slightly uncomfortable while travelling. In the proximity of the museum it was not much else to see. I could have gone further up the streets, to explore more of La Mariscal, but I just wanted to go back to my cozy neighbourhood. Upon leaving Quito, my taxi driver decided to go on a detour. I think he wanted to stay out of the congested traffic, and took me on a scenic drive instead. Up a hill, down a hill, crossing small bridges, passing villages. Beautiful! Just not the time for it. In the end I had to let him know that I really couldn’t do this, otherwise I’d miss my plane. Wish I had stayed longer to explore more, like the diversion we took.

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Website: quito.com.ec

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  1. I am glad you liked Quito. Some people have problems with the city and they do not enjoy it. I would like to experience it to reach my own conclusions. #citytripping

    • Do you know why they didn’t like it? Crime? That was the only “rumour” I heard. Always good to experience things yourself, if it is good things πŸ™‚

  2. I take your point about how beautiful Quito must look at night. But the thought of walking up all of those hills makes my legs hurt. You’re braver (and probably fitter) than me! #CityTripping

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