Quito’s Best View!

I wasn’t going to do Basilica del Voto Nacional, but since I had time to spare I figured why not. On the walk from the old town, when the streets are getting steeper and steeper, you start to wonder if it is really worth it, and be assured it is! When you finally get to the top and enter the square in front of the church, next challenge is to find the ticket booth, which has hid itself in a quiet corner of the plaza. With ticket in hand it’s time for another butt workout, climbing the steps to get to, what you think is, the top. Next you have to decide whether you want to take on crossing the roof structure. Some decided not to. Didn’t think it looked too scary, so off I went. At the end of the walkway you have to climb up a ladder. Going up was ok, coming down a bit worse, as it usually is. Now you have finally made it to the first ledge, to the roof of the church. Providing stunning views! Next leg is getting up the tower. And that’s when my chicken gene kicked in. In this case I don’t think I was much of a chicken though. Climbing up a small, narrow, room-for-one-person-only, metal frame spiral staircase hanging on the outside(!!) of the banister, is to me no view worth! Just no way I was gonna go up there. Two people came down while I was contemplating what to do. When I saw their “smiles”, I knew this was not the day I was going to die 🙂

Website: arquidiocesisdequito.com.ec/index.php/parroquias/vicaria-santa-mariana-de-jesus/zona-pastoral-quito-colonial-el-sagrario/280-sagrado-corazon-de-jesus-basilica-del-voto-nacional

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