The Middle of the World

When you’re in Ecuador you kind of have to visit some Equator related landmark. The most famous one around Quito is Mitad del Mundo, which in my eyes is some sort of take on an amusement park, and not one I particularly liked… In addition to the monument and the yellow line indicating the Equator, which is nothing more than that, there’s an ethnography museum, a planetarium and some buildings showing colonial Quito (not my cup of tea), and a myriad of souvenir shops and places to eat or pick up a snack (waaaay too many, making the whole thing feel like a tourist trap). And then they say it’s not the true point of the equatorial line. But that the Intinan Solar Museum next door is. Who knows. I didn’t look into it. I did however like the solar museum a lot better. Ditch this one, and do the other, is my recommendation.

This was part of a road trip from Quito. The owner of the hostel I stayed at didn’t find anyone who was doing a tour of the things I wanted to see and at the time I was able to go, so she took me herself. Bless her! We had a lot of fun considering she didn’t speak much English, and I don’t speak much Spanish 🙂



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  1. There is something similar in Norway when you cross the Arctic Circle. We didn’t bother.
    How coll that your lodger took you on a tour!

  2. How lovely that your hostel owner took you on a tour. That’s so special! Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  3. Hmmm…did you try that experiment of flushing the toilet? On the north side, it should swirl in a different direction as it would on the other side! Fact or fiction?

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