The Great Ocean Road

And it really is GREAT!! My only reason for coming to Melbourne, initially at least – loved Melbourne it turned out πŸ™‚ Even though 16 hours passed by from leaving till coming back to town (was picked up outside St. Paul’s Cathedral at 5 a.m.), it was time very well spent. Would not have been without this amazing experience! The day trip took us all the way from the city to London Arch, formerly known as London Bridge, in Port Campbell National Park ( We did make a few stops on the way, some a lot more interesting than others, but mostly it was driving down the costal road taking in the waves rolling in at the miles of sandy beaches below the cliffs, and passing through and stopping for lunch in small costal villages. The highlights are as you can imagine the Twelve Apostles ( and London Arch at Port Campbell National Park and the wildlife, mainly koalas, at Kenneth River Holiday Park (, of all places. Who would have thought a camping site would be the place to see koalas in the wild. They were all very sleepy, but really cool still! And a check for me πŸ™‚ Super cute birds flying around as well. We did stop by for a short walk in the rainforest at the Great Otway National Park ( too. It was nice, but wouldn’t have been a crime if we had skipped it… Next on the route was, what I guess all had come for, the Twelve Apostles, and it was not just us on the tour bus, an insane amount of people out on the viewing platform greeted us as we came down from the visitor centre. But I do understand why, the limestone stacks are marvellous! The only drawback was caused by a Brazilian couple, who “forgot” to show up for our departure from the Twelve Apostles making us late and missing the sunset at London Arch. It was basically too dark to see much when we finally arrived. Did anyone say respect for other people’s time…? High point on the way back was an unplanned stop at a roadside McDonald’s late at night. Never have a McFeast tasted this good πŸ™‚

Unfortunately I can not recall the name of the tour company, but I think we all will remember the driver πŸ™‚ A newbie who talked constantly, telling us things we’d like to know, and more “personal” things we didn’t need to know – like his allergies… Also he turned out not to know exactly where to go, so we did make a few wrong turns and had to backtrack. Hopefully experience makes thing better πŸ™‚


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  1. Heheh…we did the drive instead and had the view to ourselves after the buses left. But you are right. On a busy day the buses kept coming. Glad you enjoyed it! There aren’t 12 anymore we are told

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