Boring Winter Coat

I assume Schönbrunn Palace is on the agenda of every visitor to Vienna. So also on mine, even though I was a bit hesitant – I’ve seen a lot of palaces on my way. And now I’ve learned – I’m done! Next palace I’ll spend my time on needs to be out of this world to get my attention. It didn’t help the place much that I visited in early winter, with a park consisting of a bunch of naked trees. I didn’t find the palace exterior impressive in particular, and I decided not to spend money on seeing the inside, as, I’ve said, I’ve seen too many of them. Actually this shot from the park is the best about the whole experience. My two cents, this is.

After getting off the metro, I thought it was a bit difficult to find the way, or maybe it was just me. After walking in a somewhat correct direction, through a huge park, I finally got there. When returning I realised I had been on an unnecessary detour. I guess a map would have been handy 🙂


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  1. It looks lovely – I’ve beento Paris a lot in Winter and it’s a little disappointing with the sculptures all wrapped up, but you still get an idea of the magic and granduer of the place (and if you go early, you get the mist in the trees…

  2. Perhaps in the summer it could be better with all the green and flowers. And the sunny days of course, that helps too. The interior of the Schonbrunn is not that different from other palaces you are right.

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