Cajun Kitchen

I’ve always been curious about Cajun food, so when I passed by this place on Elizabeth Street in downtown Melbourne, when on the prowl for something light after my arrival in town, I just had to stop by. And it was so yummy! The Po’ Boy I went for. It was pretty late in the day, more like evening time, so unfortunately a few things had sold out. Despite the New Orleans style baguette not being my first choice, it turned out to be the right choice! And they are serving cheap stuff too! What did surprise me though was the bird, a dove flying and walking inside, and no one seemed to care. Later I came to realise it happens more often in Australia and New Zealand than in Norway. At least it looked like it. In Norway staff’s first priority would be to get the bird out… Health regulations…


Note: Photo is from restaurant’s website.

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  1. Haha funny you say that. The one and only time I ate at Burger King in Tromsø, we were joined by a seagull in the restaurant that no one really minded… I’ve never tried real Cajun cuisine before (and I’m sure my stomach is grateful for that) but I’d love to try it one day!

    • Really! That’s funny 😀 Young staff not caring too much, maybe. Once I went into a Meny in Oslo people working there was running around looking up. Didn’t understand why, until I saw the sparrow flying around. You don’t want birds digging into the food you’re gonna eat 🙁 This Cajun food was not spicy, so you’ll be fine 🙂

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