Hands-on at Featherdale Wildlife Park

After my Tanzania safari I realised going to the zoo would never be the same. But while in Sydney I came across Featherdale Wildlife Park, which looked like to be a place where I could get a different kind of zoo experience, as they advertised an occasion for a close wildlife encounter. It turned out not to be too much of that, and nothing more than that. There’s a couple of koalas you can pet and take photos with. You can buy kangaroo food (ice cream cone with grass) in a vending machine, before you enter an enclosure with kangaroos ready for a snack. Display calmness and they hop on over to you. And what a bite! Powerful! You don’t want them to get a bite of you 🙂 They’re also up for a gentle stroke. Another animal the keepers took brought out was a lizard, a shingleback. Those are soooo far from my favourite animals, so I needed a little bit of convincing before running my finger across its back. Was told that if the little boy next to me dared to do it, I could not be such a chicken 🙂 The rest of the place I didn’t find too exciting. Just a regular zoo. And seeing a animal running around in its enclosure and reading that it is used to putting several kilometres behind it each day, it just solidified my feeling. They’re not suppose to be closed in. Featherdale is apparently a very popular park, so be prepared for packs of visitors. Also keep your backpacker card handy as you’ll get a discount on the entrance fee.

Getting there I first had to get on the train to Blacktown Station, where I then had to board a bus which dropped me off at the park gates. All in all about an hour travel time. Leaving my pen-pal from waaaay back (talking elementary school) came and picked me up. First time I got to meet him!! In the parking lot 🙂 Wicked!!

Website: featherdale.com.au

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