Legendary Sydney Opera House

Sometimes things should be admired from afar. And this is one of those cases. Sydney Opera House is a stunning structure, when there is a certain distance between you and the performing arts venue. Up front you see how old and worn-down it is, and the shine fade. Unless you’re there for a show or a tour of the place, there’s no real reason to go inside. A souvenir shop, but apart from that nothing to see. One perk though is the splendid view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Getting off at Circular Quay turned out to be a much longer walk than anticipated. Necessary to take into account if you’re in a rush and just want to pop by.

Website: sydneyoperahouse.com

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  1. We have recently moved to northern Queensland but I was determined before starting work that we would get to Sydney to see this awesome iconic structure – and we did! And it is a magnificent sight! #citytripping

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