Venturing Out of Kuwait City

After spending time in the city we decided to venture out of town, which was a very different experience! First we went up to Mutla Ridge, where we drove till the end of the road, at least we were told by signs not to trespass. Considering we passed a few military installations on the way, we knew better than to trundle on. On the way back we stopped for quad biking in the desert. My first time, both in the desert and not! Really fun! After driving towards Iraq, we turned around and headed south in the direction of the Saudi Arabian border. Passing huge mansions, even huger oil refineries, someone selling balloons in the middle of the desert…until we made it to what must be the most remote coffee shop I have ever come across. One small building with a Starbucks like coffee house and another small shop, a mosque nearby and plenty of cars scattered all around. Another fascinating thing are the camping sites. People go camping in the desert. Maybe it’s me, but I’ve never encountered that before. Unless you include beduin camps that is. And apparently you avoid some parts of the year due to scorpions… A great day out!

We hired my friend’s driver to take us around. Perfect!

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  1. Haha maybe I was wrong, Norway and Kuwait might not be that different from each other. I mean, we totally have the oil too and you can go camping here anywhere πŸ˜€

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