Staying at the Beach

Like right on the beach! A quiet, beautiful stretch of sand all to myself πŸ™‚ The very best thing about this place! Rino’s is located in the small village of Ureia, just outside Arutanga, which is the main village on Cook Islands’ amazingly gorgeous Aitutaki, so there’s not much around. A couple of shops to get groceries, and what looked like houses and other hotels. And a bike rental, run by the hostel. The accommodation is basic with old-style interior and a few bugs running around, like everywhere else in the tropics πŸ™‚ – I was on the ground floor though. I saw one building with two units only, so I actually don’t know how big this place is. The owners also live on the property. Breakfast is served outside in their kitchen. As the person I had booked my stay with (was not there anymore) had misinformed me, saying I could get back to the hotel and have a shower before getting on the plane back to Rarotonga after a snorkeling trip to the lagoon, the lady of the house was kind enough to let me use their private bathroom. However, cockroaches were running around in there…, but I was in desperate need of a shower! There’s no doubt it was very kind of her to provide this for me, but overall she was not a very welcoming hostess. I basically felt like I was a nuisance from coming till leaving. She did become a little bit milder, for a second, when she discovered she had charged me the deposit twice. Her partner in crime, on the other hand, was a very nice and jovial man!

I booked airport pick-up. Waited for a long time. Was the last one to be picked up. Cook Islands Tourism Board rep, who greets everyone at the airport upon arrival, told me they were on their way, so no reason to worry.


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  1. That beach looks awesome. Staying in a simple hut on the beach reminds me of some of the places I stayed at in Thailand (cockroaches included there too!) Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

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