Staying at a Dance Hall

The building housing Paradise Inn in Avarua on Cook Islands’ Rarotonga was once the largest dance hall in the South Pacific. As I was here for one night only I didn’t get to explore more of the property, but at first glance it definitely didn’t have any mementos from those days. As said I was here for one night only, as I was heading to Aitutaki the next day, so I might not be the perfect reviewer of this place… Anyway, here goes. Location is great. Just outside Avarua village centre, walking distance, and by the looks of it more or less on the beach. My room was a very basic budget studio. I was assigned a room on the ground floor, which had a basement feel, and a very damp one at that. Which also means bugs. Had a couple of spider roomies, and I hate those! I know we’re in the tropics, but I love to close my eyes to that fact before arriving 😉 Basically, did not like…anything but the idea of what has been.


Note: Photos are from hotel’s website (#1) and by me (#2).


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  1. Spiders I can do, damp I cannot. I’d have been with you! Get me on a higher floor!

    • I think it would have been a lot better at the rooms upstairs, but I was there for one night only, and wanted it as cheap as possible. Cooks Islands accommodation is not cheap…

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