Arctic Tromsø: The World’s Northernmost City

Tromsø, Tromso or Tromsoe sits at 69 degrees north. A spot on the planet most people don’t believe suitable for a human form 🙂 After all it is just as close to the North Pole as it is to Paris. But this Arctic city is definitely worth a visit, and probably one of the easiest “remote” Arctic places to reach traveling wise. Even though it is a big town it has a small city centre, and with that more of a small town feeling. And if city life is not what you want, a short drive outside downtown and you’re in the country side with smaller communities and perfect spots for whale watching. If you’re lucky you don’t even have to get on a boat far into the ocean to witness it. During the winter’s polar nights you can also go hunting for the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) and enjoy the blue hour at twilight. Don’t be sad if you end up arriving in the summer though, as the midnight sun is a sight for sore eyes. Just magnificent! I grew up a 2 hour drive away, and having visited plenty of places around the world, I know you will love this 🙂

Other things to do: Tromsø tips


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    • Then you should see it in real life 🙂 There were direct flights once a week or so from London at one point, don’t know if it is anymore. Very handy for foreigners, not having to travel via Oslo.

  1. Thanks..i will check them and I will be traveling in mid March..well for those views I already bought the paid window sets, couldn’t leave it to chance. Haha….unfortunately I will be only transiting thru Oslo (not visiting there) and moving ahead to my next European destination..but it would have been great if we could have done coffee!! Let’s keep in touch..!! Are you also on instagram?

      • Thanks!! Yes of course your post will surely help! Well I’m planning only 2nights solo trip and leaving on 3rd day…and to be honest I still have to plan my itinerary….(but eaely thoughts ..I’m thinking to do 2 excursions – fjords and Northern lights on 1st day and and tromso city tour doing cable ride and city landmarks)…but if you have any particular suggestion I will be glad to have them! ..btw do you stay close to tromso only?

        • I usually stay in Tromsø only. If you go on a fjords tour I assume you’ll get to see the islands around Tromsøya. Once we went to Ersfjordbotn on Kvaløya to visit this cafe/shop: Just plan for northern lights tour being hindered by bad weather, so you have time to give it another try the next day. Think it sounds like a good early plan 🙂 Remember to get a window seat on the flight up there. Great views! Preferably on left side, assuming you’re flying in from Oslo.

          • Thank you so much for the lovely tips and the post about Cafe! would definitely try! and also luckily I haven’t hold the seats yet for my flight tickets from Olso, and since now you told me left window would be best choice, I am definitely going to spend extra bucks to hold them beforehand! 🙂 And I always love meeting travelers and couch surfers during my travel so would be great to meet you if you are in town!

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