When They Missed the Mark…

The idea for this post was born after yet another mediocre restaurant meal in Oslo, at Lucky Bird. Eating out is one of the things I enjoy the most, not much of a cook this one :), and trying new places to mix up the old favorites is something I’m aiming to get better at. But the drawback of venturing into new things is the chance of getting bad to passable food, and I just hate that! I’m hungry! I always talk up the restaurants I fancy, but thought it might help Oslo visitors to know what overrated ones to avoid as well. So below are dinner spots that I think are serving bad or mediocre food. Places that I think you can ditch in favor of others that offer the same cuisine, but are better. Oslo is not the cheapest city, so I guess you’d like to spend your money wisely 🙂 Above being said, not everyone agrees with me :D, but these are my two cents. List is in alphabetical order (name of restaurant, area/street), and I will update it as I eat my way around town:

  • Agra, Grünerløkka
  • Balthazar, Basarene/Oslo Cathedral
  • Barramon, Mathallen
  • Burrito Project, Steen & Strøm
  • Curry and Ketchup, Majorstuen
  • Delicatessen, Majorstuen
  • EatThai, Steen & Strøm
  • Grisen, Torshov
  • Habanero, Grünerløkka
  • Hitchhiker, Mathallen
  • Jacob Aall, Majorstuen
  • JoNOe, Ringnes Park
  • Kverneriet, Majorstuen
  • Lemongrass, Kristian Augusts gate
  • Lucky Bird, Majorstuen
  • Mahayana, Stortingsgata
  • Mucho Mas, Grünerløkka
  • Munchies, Bernt Ankers gate
  • Olivia, Tjuvholmen
  • Riwaj of India, Grünerløkka
  • Royal Gastropub, Østbanehallen
  • Taco Republica, Torggata
  • Taqueria, Paleet
  • Tijuana, Grünerløkka
  • Vippa, Vippetangen
  • Vognmand Nilsen, Grønland
  • Yaya’s, Øvre Vollgate



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  1. Heading to Norway in September. We aren’t sure if we will spend anytime in Oslo, but this list will come in handy if I do. #citytripping

  2. You know your restaurants very well! I agree with you. I get very angry when I pay a lot for a meal and it end up being a fiasco. On Saturday, I paid $15 for a burger and it ended up being frozen meat with canned ingredients. Totally disgusting.

    • I eat out a lot… Getting better at cooking at home though 🙂 That doesn’t sound like a good burger. And definitely not worth 15 dollars, even in expensive Norway 🙂

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