Quirky Park

Ekebergparken in Oslo is for those who like art on the more unusual side. When it first was planned, and then opened, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the park, many saying it’s ruining the woods in which it is placed. Maybe not so much because of the weird expressions, in addition to more traditional art, but more because of the space itself, as this art gallery is enjoyed on a walk in the woods. And you don’t mess with the Norwegian woods 🙂 As a result of all the disagreements I was a bit curious about what I would meet. And to my surprise I apparently like quirky stuff, since I really enjoyed this “venue”. You basically never know what’s around the corner 🙂 Another perk to this out-of-town expedition is you get up on higher grounds with a magnificent view of Oslo below. And as an end to the whole thing you can stop by Ekebergrestauranten.

This spot is easy to get to. Jump on the tram car, and you’ll be there in 8 minutes.

Website: ekebergparken.com

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  1. I do like the concept of coming across artwork during a walk around the park, though I do understand the concerns of those who did not want installations of the art interfering with the woods. Thanks for sharing this #CityTripping

  2. I understand why people might object to forests being used in this way, but personally I really like this sort of thing. Anyhow, anything that gets more people outside and into the woods (in a non-damaging way…) gets the thumbs-up from me. Onto my Oslo to-do list this goes! Thanks!! #CityTripping

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