Third Time’s Not the Charm

This was my third time visiting Brussels, and leaving I knew it was the last time as well. The impression I am left with, after two visits in the winter and one visit in the summer, is that it is a big city with not much to see, and, as an alternative to that, not much to burn hard earned cash on either. So what am I to do in a metropolis then? One positive development, for me that is, during these past 10 years I have visited is that now it is not frowned upon the fact that you don’t speak French. Now English is not a problem anymore, it is understood and spoken.

If you do decide to go, you might wanna consider these Brussels tips.


0 thoughts on “Third Time’s Not the Charm

  1. Interesting to read your perspective. Before coming here, I was reading a guide to things to do and eat in Brussels. Everything in there looks very good. But, I guess it depends on what you like to do. #wanderfulwednesday

    • Do you like Brussels? The square is beautiful, Atomium cool, and Manneken Pis cute, but that’s about it for me. First time I visited, no one spoke much English, which definitely coloured my experience. I prefer Antwerp.

  2. I loved Brussels. We only had 24 hours tho, having based ourselves in Bruges and visited Ghent and Flanders (and the WW1 fields and towns). Would love to go back with more time….

    • Yes? 24 hrs is enough time 😉 Have done Bruges too, and wasn’t super impressed of that place either. Not been to Ghent. Antwerp is my favourite. Leuven (had a short stop only) looks great and Knokke-Heist was chill.

  3. The thing about Brussels is that you have to come prepared and know about the things you are going to visit. The Brussels charm is that the things are hidden and not gonna pop out in front of you to like them 🙂

    • Prior to my first time I read all I could find, and still didn’t come across much I wanted to see. Second time I visited a friend. We spent time mostly outside of Brussels. This third time I asked another friend (native) about what to see, and not many suggestions. My Belgian favourite is Antwerp 🙂

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