How Rude Can You Be?

I’ve never had anyone be rude to me on a flight, at least not that I can remember, so when I witnessed this situation happen to my row mate I realized there is truth to all the stories that one’s heard. While we were in Economy Comfort seats on KLM, which means you have up to double the normal recline initially, the person on the row in front (“George”) decided to move the back of his seat as far back as he could, leaving my neighbor (“Brad”) with not much space. Yes, Brad is a big man, but smaller me wouldn’t have had much room either. When food service came around there was barely room for Brad to eat and drink, so his lady travel companion (“Julia”) decided to ask George if he terribly mind pulling the back of his seat up, so Brad could have more room during the in-flight meal. George wasn’t too happy about that, and said he didn’t have much space either as the girl in front of him had put back her seat. After talking back and forth with the stewardess noticing it all and saying nothing, George agreed to pull the back up while Brad was eating under the condition that Brad would eat as fast as he possibly could… After a 10 minutes George apparently thought Brad had had enough time to eat, so he turned around to ask if he had finished his meal now, upon which Brad answered that he was about to drink his Coke. Obviously George didn’t see any point in that, so he put the seat back down without hesitation, which resulted in this pic. I get that you are in your full right to put your seat back, but on a completely packed 1 1/2 hour flight you are also allowed to show some flexibility…

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    • Looked like she was trying to avoid the “conflict”. It is not often I see flight attendants ask people to raise the seat during meals, or maybe it’s just that most people do it without being asked.

  1. I always wonder why they don’t ask people to put their seats upright during meal service when there is one. i suppose some people decline the meal and want to sleep but it’s so awkward! The more they cut service the more people feel entitled and put out before they are even on the plane and the less courtesy they show to one another. the airlines have a responsibility in all the bad behavior you read and hear about these days,

    • I agree! I guess the flight attendant was apprehensive about getting involved. She definitely saw and heard what was happening, but decided to ignore it. When you’re stuck in this small confined space, for sometimes a very long time, at least show some consideration for your fellow travellers.

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