Living in the Southside

Of Brussels, that is πŸ™‚ It might have a few similarities with other Southside neighborhoods around the world. When I asked the receptionist if it was OK to do the fairly short walk from the hotel to the Brussels Midi/Zuid train station at half five in the morning, his answer was: It’s probably OK, but I can’t advise you to… And I guess it is probably OK, but I get that he can’t be in charge of giving that advise. I did have an incident in the middle of the day with a very persistent “gentleman”. When you to try to hit on someone on the street and get no response at first try, please let it go! Floris Hotel Ustel Midi is also a 10-15 min. walk from Grand Place. It did however feel a lot longer because of the cold – it was freezing! Which also affected the temperature in my room. Freezing there as well. The room did come with a fan heater, but it couldn’t keep going all night. Could be the other room I was offered would have been better. When I checked in I was given the choice between a “good” room and a “bad” room. Since I couldn’t have the better room until hours later I decided to go for the lesser room. After all I was staying for one night only. With an anonymous front door it can be a bit hard to realize you’re right in front of the hotel. When the doors opened I was actually positively surprised as the photos I had seen weren’t anything like that. Fresh common areas. And also a game room. When I continued to my room it was another reality. Hallways and room are worn down, bathroom not too bad, smallest elevator on the planet? – only fit me and my carry-on trolly. Staff wise, the guy who checked me in was very welcoming. The one who worked the evening shift a bit more reserved. People are different!


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  1. Sometimes waiting for the better room is worth it. I’ve had my share of less than perfect rooms but they are usually in some of the most interesting places.

    • I had one day in Brussels only, so I didn’t want to vaste time on waiting for the room. Things doesn’t always go one’s way, and I guess that’s good too πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t know how I feel about those small elevators. You get them in France and Italy as well, and on the one hand they are desperately European and romantic… but on the other hand they are terrifying and definitely about to break! I often just take the stairs πŸ™‚

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