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Needing to get rid of an Air France voucher, received after my failed trip to Paris due to last year’s shootings (I was gonna leave the morning after), and after seeing gorgeous photos, I circled out Bruges for a long weekend getaway. But boy was I disappointed! It felt like I had seen all the good parts in photos beforehand, which is not a good thing. Like a good trailer for a sucky movie. And it didn’t help that the town was infested by hoards of tourists. There were masses everywhere. Had no idea Bruges was this popular. Apparently a lot because of the Christmas market. And now I’m gonna get many people disagreeing with me, but I don’t like Christmas markets. What is the fascination? Why buy a bunch of stuff that I really don’t need… For me the best part of Bruges is an area known as Minnewater. This is luckily also where my hotel was at. Just wish the whole town had been like that. Here you’ll find a lake, a park, bridges, swans, tiny cute houses, bistros, narrow cobblestoned streets, small boutiques selling chocolate, tapestries, lace, jewelry, Christmas ornaments and so on, cafes, waffles houses, horse and carriage trips, restaurants – basically everything you need all wrapped into one lovely neighborhood! The canals running through town are nice, but have a long way to go for Bruges to become Venice of the North, as some call it…

I took the train from Brussels to Bruges, and back again. The ride takes about an hour one way. Make sure you get on the train departure times that require no changes of trains.

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  1. I had a similar response to Pisa, Italy when we visited. I didn’t get the attraction. Saw the tower, snapped a pic. Left. There were some towns in Holland during the tulip season that were just JAMMED with tourists also and I did not enjoy. Sorry you were underwhelmed, but appreciate the share with #FarawayFiles! Erin

  2. Such a shame you didn’t enjoy Bruges – I don’t much like crowds either but was lucky enough to go in February when it didn’t feel crowded at all. Thanks for sharing this on #FarawayFiles

  3. Sorry you didn’t have a great time in Bruges. I loved this beautiful city but I can imagine, like anywhere it’s annoying when too crowded. Actually 7 million people visit Bruges every year which is a lot for such a small place. Good to get another perspective – thanks for joining us on #FarawayFiles

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