A Park Surprise

When roaming through my Yangon neighborhood I stumbled upon the beautiful Kandawgyi Lake with the surrounding Kandawgyi Nature Park. First I came across several plant nurseries. And with my love for orchids (the only plants I can keep alive at home 🙂 ) it was hard to leave without getting any. A lot more species than I can get back home at the flower shop 🙂 After a stroll in the park I stopped for lunch at Garden Bistro. A lakeside restaurant with a pleasant view. Not the most exciting meal, but descent enough. Has a good selection of international fare, if you’re not in the mood for local cuisine. The fun however began when I later that evening met up with my friends to go for dinner. Turned out the lake and park were a lot bigger than I thought, and we ended up at the opposite side where the majestically restaurant barge Karaweik has dropped anchor. Very cool looking! Further down there is sort of a “nightlife district” with some bars, restaurants and small shops. Mind you a very small one compared to other cities… Getting into this area costs a few kyats. Kind of a Kandawgyi by day and Kandawgyi by night. Diversity can’t be beaten!

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