Yangon Street Food Tasting

My first time in Yangon I had set my eyes on some delicious street food, so when I got back I just had to go try it out. My local friend wasn’t too eager about me trying it the first time I asked if it was ok to go eat there. She just said no, probably imagining the uproar my stomach would experience πŸ™‚ After talking about it, and being told no cold food and drinks (like sugarcane juice), and no food that has been off the hot plate for a while, we agreed that some would be ok. And when she saw the photos of the pancakes she actually got jealous πŸ™‚ In my neighborhood the streets are filled with food stalls, with everything from things that I can identify to things I have no clue what is. Very close to my hotel this woman was selling pancakes, which turned out to be filled with some kind of vegetable mix, coconut shavings and a spicy sauce. All packed in newspaper, and with an Indian taste to it. I like spicy, but this was on the spicier side for me, like most Myanmar food… Can’t imagine how people who don’t like spicy food would survive here. Next up was dessert. A batch that swells into this fluffy thing, which is sprinkled with chopped almonds and some oil looking liquid, and then cut into pieces with a pair of scissors. Something sweet for my sweet tooth πŸ™‚ Since I was constantly full, at least it felt like it, I was not able to try all the things that I wanted to. Would have needed more days πŸ™‚ But I would have had a ball for no money at all. These two dishes were each 200 kyat, a.k.a. 20 US cents…

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  1. I love trying different foods but I am known for having a delicate stomach. I’d definitely need local recommendations on the best places to eat. The dishes you chose sound very tasty and great value too #citytripping

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