Ngapali Beach: The Perfect Chill Pill

I haven’t been wasting the days away on a beach in a very long time, so a seaside trip was for sure going to be included in my trip to Myanmar and Thailand. I was considering doing the beach thing in Thailand, but I though it sounded a lot more exciting to head for a Myanmar beach. When I asked my local friend, she instantly uttered Ngapali Beach. Not having any preferences I was down with it. The most beautiful beach in Myanmar, she said, and if she isn’t right I’d like to see the other ones. But when I showed her my itinerary, she asked me if I really was gonna spend five days there – you know there’s not much to do… And I guess she is right. Ngapali Beach is made up of several small villages along the coast, which in some way have been “overpowered” by luxury beach resorts. This in addition to it being low season, it was all about working on your tan, which was my ultimate goal, as my skin was in dire need of some color πŸ™‚ No snorkeling, no boat trips, and the super cool restaurant, where you walk out along a bridge and come back swimming or by boat, was also closed. But then there’s no fighting over beach chairs as no one is around. It was the same seven of us every day πŸ™‚ A few women selling handicraft and fruit. Every evening a group of local boys came to have their daily football practice on the beach. It was three days (I cut back the number of days πŸ™‚ ) of sunshine, seasonal rainfall in the evening, warm waters with pretty high waves rolling in. Just what the doctor prescribed!

Other things to do: Ngapali Beach tips

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0 thoughts on “Ngapali Beach: The Perfect Chill Pill

  1. How heavenly! I particularly love that photo at the top. Those colours are stunning! Looks like the perfect beach to me. I could easily spend a few days here swimming, snorkelling, reading and working on a tan. thanks so much for linking up with #FarawayFiles

    • Gorgeous sunset. Pink! Tanning and reading and the days flew by. Thought I might get bored, but it was so nice just relaxing in my bikini in the sun with a book. Need to do that more often πŸ™‚

  2. Sometimes you’ve just gotta chill. And usually you don’t feel like chilling if there’s stuff to do/places to see, so this sounds like the perfect spot to unwind! #farawayflies

    • That’s true. Recent years I’ve become more restless when staying at the beach, but this time it was back to old ways πŸ™‚ So nice! Could have stayed for a couple of more days.

  3. I loved it here – we didn’t have quite as long but after almost two weeks exploring, it was great to relax and there was hardly anyone sharing the beach with us either. #farawayfiles

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