An Oasis!

Oasis Hotel in Bagan is actually an oasis. It’s great on a good day, and especially great on a bad day, on a sick day. When I had to spend two days on “bedrest”, I was very happy I had chosen this to be my home. The hotel is located in Nyaung-U. Nothing much around, but head a couple of blocks right and you’ll find the main street for restaurants and (souvenir) shops. There’s an eco-friendly vibe. Great room with no bugs and geckos in it. They were outside in the hallway, but the room seemed pretty “airtight”, so they didn’t make it inside. And thank God for that 🙂 Me and small creatures don’t go well together… Nice pool with poolside chairs to chill in. And as always in Myanmar, great staff! When I got sick and wasn’t able to get out of bed, they kept calling me to ask if there was anything I needed. When I finally got up late in the evening and really needed something to eat, despite lack of appetite, and called to ask if it was possible for me to have a plate of fruit, there was not a no in sight. When I checked out, they didn’t want me to pay for it – it’s complementary! And when I had to postpone and in the end cancel my Mt. Popa trip, there were no cancellation issues to be handled. My warmest recommendations! You’ll be pleased!


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