BBB Restaurant in Mandalay

This place came highly recommended by a local friend who often visits Mandalay. When I got off the motorbike taxi it felt like an oasis amidst their rather gray neighbors. Forgot to take photo 🙁 Interior-wise it is very western in its expression. Even though the below food doesn’t look like much, and I really was surprised when it was placed in front of me, I really need you to trust me on this. Because the food is REALLY good! When I asked for the waiter’s recommended fish dish, I didn’t expect deep fried fish. Goes to show you should read the menu a bit better 🙂 I didn’t get to try their cakes, as I feel like I’m stuffed all the time in Myanmar, because of such delish food. But my friend couldn’t rave enough about them, and they looked mouthwatering on the menu, so I suggest you make room 🙂

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