Back to Basics, with That Little Extra

You know I usually stay at budget hotels. Only being concerned about a clean room, a safe and central location, for a few bucks. So in Mandalay it was back to basics. As usual I got what I needed, and at first glance maybe even a little more πŸ™‚ A super central hotel with a regular supermarket a short walk away. A fairly big room and bathroom with a mysterious pack of something… You kind of start to wonder when you find below plastic bag containing white substance, and there’s no tub to be seen πŸ˜€ What a welcome! As seems to be standard amenity at hotels in Myanmar – a nice, helpful staff. Tell them what you want to do, and they’ll fix it, and throw in their two cents on how to go about it. Asked for transportation to the ferry pier. Guy wondered if motorbike was fine. In my mind I thought motorized rickshaw of some sort, don’t know why though… Nope, on a moped in Myanmar traffic we go. At least I got a helmet on the way back πŸ™‚ Hotel receptionist had the driver show me the ticket office, and not just drop me off on the side of the road. And always negotiated price for every time I got on a motorbike taxi, which became the easy way to get around. Great perk was the hotel restaurant, which served REALLY good food, and had a decent view. Airport pick-up doesn’t seem to work though. Had sent my arrival details, but never heard back, so when no pick-up was to be seen I just took a taxi.


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0 thoughts on “Back to Basics, with That Little Extra

  1. So scared by that substance … but I have been in hotels with worst situations (and they weren’t budget hotels).

    • That bag made me laugh πŸ™‚ Most likely bath salts, but looking around it made no sense. What happened to you…? You made me curious with that comment πŸ™‚

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