VIDEO: Rangoon Tea House: Treasure Chest Worthy!

Somewhere in downtown Yangon lies an anonymous entrance which leads to a gem I didn’t expect to come across when my friends ushered me into a whole in the wall. They had said something about going to a tea house, and with a somewhat worn-out door and stairs leading one floor up, this was definitely not what I had pictured. A modern, stylish tea house of the kind catering largely to foreigners. With a local who had been here before by my side, finding exciting food and drinks to try proved not to be a problem. As often happens my taste buds steered me in the direction of chicken, this time in the form of a biryani. Since I haven’t had this before I don’t know if this is standard biryani procedure, but we were amused by the take on how to get started on this dish – so much I had to catch it on tape 🙂 Also tried some of the grilled fish my friend opted for, and I can vouch for that as well. Drink-wise we considered a wide selection of tea with different levels of caffein content. With me not being a coffee drinker and having enough trouble with jet lag, faith was not to be tempted. I did however have a taste of a yogurt, sugar syrup, coffee concoction my friend likes. Looked interesting, but should have known it wouldn’t go down well as I don’t like yogurt… – still, at least I tried it 🙂

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  1. Oh the food looks absolutely gorgeous Bea! I love stumbling across places like this:) Thanks for linking up to #Monday Escapes.

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