A Wellington Restaurant Star

Don’t know who told me, but I was pointed in the direction of Cuba Street in my search for a spot to have an early dinner. After scouting the street for something that appealed to me I stopped outside Loretta. A pretty anonymously looking place I actually passed a couple of times, as I wasn’t sure it was my kind of thing. Now I am so happy I decided to step inside. This restaurant has a stylish interior with an open kitchen and a tempting cake table in the middle of the room, also functioning as decor with an aesthetic display of sweets on offer. All in addition to nice staff and superb food. The mushroom, garlic, thyme and pea tendril pizza I had was exquisite – then again I love mushroom! Nothing more to say than I wanna go back!

Website: loretta.net.nz

Note: Photos are provided by Loretta.


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