Star Fortress Kastellet

On my way to Copenhagen’s little mermaid I came across this wonderful place. An old fortress shaped like a pentagram. With moat and motte protecting the buildings on the inside. Must admit I wasn’t too interested in the historic significance, but was charmed by the looks of it and the walkway on top of the motte. The houses and gates were fine too, but mostly an excellent park to go for a stroll!

Like The Little Mermaid, Kastellet is located in Østerbro. A fairly long, but nice, walk from the city centre. Or you can do it the easy way and take advantage of public transportation.


Note: Photo is by C Jill Reed.


0 thoughts on “Star Fortress Kastellet

    • Can’t take credit for the photos. They’re from Wikimedia 🙂 But great park still 🙂 It didn’t dawn on me that I could cycle around town, so much more bicycle friendly than Oslo. Here you play Russian roulette… Hotel I stayed at also had bikes for rent.

    • Yes, Copenhagen is nice. Don’t be fooled 🙂 One day it was snowing heavily. That combined with wind (which you’ll always find in Denmark as it is flat), I was soaking wet, umbrella didn’t help much. And I had to leave the comfort of my hotel as it was my only day to visit Christiania, as I really wanted to do that before going back home.

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