Freetown Christiania

The previous times I’ve been to Copenhagen, I’ve never made it to Christiania. On this visit I thought it had to be on the agenda, and I conquered rain and snow to make it happen. And was it worth it? I guess my opinion of this self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood swings both ways. I enjoy the artistic expression and the industrial appearance, but on the other hand it looks like the backyard of a hoarder’s place… – I guess “no rules” might have this effect. There are no photo signs scattered around – must admit I didn’t spot them until I was made aware of them. Could be because of the cannabis sale going on, especially on Pusher Street, which was a weird feature in itself – small booths covered in camo nets with a hand sized hole through where transactions are being handled by masked persons. A door to a cafe flung open as I passed and with the thick smoke lingering inside I realized it was not the place for me, as I’d probably go down with just a whiff πŸ™‚

What was suppose to be a nice walk through town, ended up being one long, wet one. If you’re off in bad weather, take the metro, at least it will cut some off the walk.


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    • It is quirky πŸ™‚ Weren’t allowed to take photos inside, but now they’ve torn down the cannabis booths and apparently the No Photo signs (due to gun being fired), so will post more photos (which I happened to take before I saw the signs) later.

  1. Well, at least you visit and now you can give your opinion. I have a difficult time connecting with places like like Freetown. Here in California we have Venice Beach and Ocean Beach. A lot of people like the “free spirit” vibe in this places but I find them dirty and run down.

    • Haven’t heard of Ocean Beach. Where in CA is that? Did visit Venice. Thought it was kind of overrated. Did the boardwalk only. I’ve seen photos of the houses and canals, and that looks very cozy, but maybe it’s just in the photos…

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