A City Wall With a Surprise

Tallinn’s old city wall has a different kind of construction than other city walls I’ve visited. And I really liked this medieval version. After buying a 3 euro ticket (2015) and climbing some slightly steep stair cases inside one of the towers, you step out onto a nice ledge. The drawback is that this part of the wall is not particularly long with only two towers. But the again I thought it looked like the nicest section we came across around town. The second tower boosts a viewpoint, and to our delightful surprise an art gallery – this time exhibiting some really cool photos. Turned out the whole city wall section constitutes the Helleman Tower Gallery.

Website: hellemann.ee

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0 thoughts on “A City Wall With a Surprise

  1. Well, I’m always happy when I discover some unexpected art during my sight seeing! These photographies look quite amazing. Thanks you for sharing this post from Tallin (a town I haven’t been to yet) on #wkendtravelinspiration

  2. We loved visiting the city wall in Tallinn. Our kids had fun poking in and out of the spacing and getting all the views. Thanks for bringing back great memories with your post.

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