Rotorua: My Favorite Kiwi

It’s oh so quiet in this New Zealand countryside town. Might have to do with me visiting in the winter (their’s, not mine), as the place fills up to the brim in the summer time, according to my sources πŸ™‚ It kind of feels like a big city because it’s spread out, but in reality it’s not. There are a couple of different areas to walk around, but my hands down favourite was the lakefront. A terrific place to go for a stroll. I started my walk along Lake Rotorua at the Rotorua Museum and Government Gardens ( I didn’t go inside the museum, but it is a really beautiful building exterior wise, and the garden was nice too. I then turned left and continued on, past totem poles and a canoe (the Maori versions, of course), a small harbor with departing lake cruises, black swans and black ducks (never seen one of those before!), the Maori living village Ohinemutu, and big, pleasant, geothermal Kuirau Park ( Without a doubt Rotorua was the best place I stayed at on my visit to New Zealand, and I should have chosen to spend more time here, and excluded Wellington and Auckland, because NZ countryside is the best! The two girls I befriended at the hostel said they had some up to no good people following them one evening, but I was lucky to never encounter any of that.

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