Yummy Thai Food in Oslo!


It’s a very long time since a friend introduced my to this place, but I’ve been coming back ever since, both often and not so often. Nam Fah is a relatively small place, but can still seat a good amount of guests. In the summer they have tables out back as well. If you’re looking for cheap, delicious Thai food this is one of your best bets. A fresh place with fresh food, and a lot of dishes to choose from, each with meat, seafood, vegetarian combinations. Even though the portions might look small, and to a few they might be a bit on the meager side, to me they are perfect! Another plus, for the foreign visitor especially, is the location off the main street, which brings a local vibe which is always favorable.

Website:Β nam-fah.com


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  1. Great tip! Thai food is one of my absolute favourites and we don’t have any good restaurants remotely near where we live in the countryside so I have to cook it for myself. Thanks for sharing this with us on #FarawayFiles

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