Into Space-ish

This is the closest I’ll ever be to being a rocket man…woman…politically correct 🙂 I enjoyed Kennedy Space Center a lot! Only regret is we didn’t time our visit with a launch – that would have been incredible! The center on Florida’s Merritt Island is divided into four parts: LC-39 Observation Gantry, Visitor Complex, Apollo/Saturn V Center, and International Space Station Center, in between which you are transported by a tour bus. There are plenty of “gadgets” on display. You get to experience the inside of a space station, mission control center, and a 363-foot moon rocket. You get to feel up a worn out moon stone, enjoy Space Dots, a.k.a. freeze dried ice cream that comes in both strawberry and chocolate, view launch pads in the distance, and float away at the 3D movies screened at the IMAX theatre. Top day trip from Orlando when Mickey is getting on your nerves!

Our drive there was our first in the US. And what a start – first hour was kept driving, it turned out, in circles. We got back to square one, and then we got the hang of it. Most exotic feature was the alligators in the ditch alongside the road – you could see their eyes just above water and bubbles forming. So glad I was in a car!


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