Melbourne’s Renowned Street Art


I’m not the one to actively seek out street art, but as I had time to spare, I decided to have a look at one of the things Melbourne is famous for. I headed over to Hosier Lane and its side streets, just around the corner from central Federation Square. It’s not a particularly big area, but there are some very nice pieces! When walking around town I also bumped into a few more places, here and there. Think there is a tour you can do as well, as I ran into a group of tourists at one of the spots I stumbled upon.

0 thoughts on “Melbourne’s Renowned Street Art

  1. This piece is really cool – I did a full run down about the streets in the city in Melbourne that are the best for Street Art – take a look at my ‘Melbourne Loves Street Art’ post if your looking for more areas to explore! #mondayescapes

  2. This particular work looks pretty cool. I would not mind taking a tour of the area and walking around for a couple of hours.

    • Street art is growing on me, but not to the extent I’d do a tour. But I love coming across stuff on my walk through places. The different spots in Melbourne is quite small, so you kind of have to crisscross the city to get to see a lot.

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