Nostalgia at Oberlaa!


So this might not be the fanciest cafe in town, but as it brought some kind of nostalgia, I decided to add it to my Vienna experience pool 🙂 Nostalgia being this is the kind of place I would go to as a kid with my parents and grandparents on a Saturday in a small town in Arctic Norway. And just look at the crocheted tray mat! The place was packed to the rim, with 60+ year olds 🙂 It was kind of warm and damp. But apart from bringing back childhood memories, Oberlaa has an extensive, and I mean extensive, selection of cakes, which I obviously didn’t take advantage of – I just wanted some macarons (love ’em!), a hot cuppa tea and a break from wandering the streets. I got my own little nook with a two seat sofa and a small table – I was all good 🙂


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    • I hope you enjoy Vienna more than I did… Visited Bratislava, Slovakia on the same trip, and that town I liked a lot more. Still these few tips might help you along: Travel safe!

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