The Two Prague Castle Treasures


Yep, I would say only two… Aside from the sheer size and all they’ve been able to pack within the walls, the castle grounds are not particularly impressive to me, but two sights. First: Golden Lane (where you’ll find Kafka’s house). Reason: I just wasn’t aware of how cozy the somewhat hidden alleyway was going to be. Second: St. Vitus Cathedral (, which you can see towering over the castle walls from afar. Reason: Its exteriority somehow struck a cord within me, and it is also so in your face (immediately within the entrance) that I was taken aback. Didn’t go inside, because I have plenty of churches under my belt. For movie buffs (incl. me) there will however be a third, small, curiosity – the staircase that leads up from the street below (on the right side of the castle) is easily recognizable. As the castle is the presidential residence, when we arrived the entrance was closed as there was a state visit happening. When the prominent guest left, it was all back to normal.

We walked up from central Prague, which was a lovely stroll through cobbled streets and old town charm.



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  1. great photo! I havent’ done the Golden Lane because they charge a ticket for that but wandered all around the castle:) #weekend travel inspiration

  2. We also enjoyed the changing of the guard while we were there. But you’re right, sometimes a castle is much better appreciated from a distance. #wkendtravelinspiration

  3. I get you feeling. Sometimes, the outside of certain structures is impressive but the inside is just plain. At least, you were able to enjoy certain things of the castle grounds.

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